What is Honors at Iowa State?

Along with friends and football games, one of my favorite things to do at Iowa State is meet with prospective students like you and talk about how great this place is.  Whenever I talk to potential honors students, the question I get every time is “What is honors?”.  When you think of honors, you probably think harder and faster classes and more advanced assignments.  That’s how my honors classes were in high school and I expected the same thing in college.

What I discovered was a program that focused more on the learning that takes place outside the classroom than the lessons taught while sitting at a desk.  Everyone in Honors is exceptionally smart, but Iowa State’s Honors Program develops its students, builds friendships, networks, and leadership skills.  That’s why Honors students are in charge of student government, the VEISHEA committees, Homecoming, philanthropies, and many of the other 850+ student organizations on campus.  Whether you’re in one of our cutting edge research labs or at the front row of a Cyclone game, you’ll find Honors students there, too.

Honors is more than just a program and it’s more than just a group of students.  It’s a community of friends, a place to explore new things, and an unparalleled environment to develop your interests and go where no one else has gone before.  Honors at Iowa State is whatever you want it to be.  I hope you’ll visit us and see it for yourself!

posted by Jared

Honors students up front at the football game!


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