A week in reflection: 9/9 – 9/16

Many people always seem to wonder what do people do when they aren’t in classes or studying?

Well let me tell you, it can be quite an adventure. We’re going to say that the week in question started last Friday. Last Friday happened to be the Beat Iowa Bash and the day before the big Iowa vs. Iowa State game. As the treasurer of Frederiksen Court Community Council, that Friday was really not an especially academic one. Between classes I ran vouchers over to the MU to pay for all of the things we were bringing in for the bash. When I was done with classes for the day, a few other council members and CA’s helped me blow up and tie ribbons to balloons that we proceeded to tie to trees and poles as decorations. When we were finished I still had a few hours before the event started so I went back to my apartment and one of my old roommates stopped by to catch up on everything that had gone on since she’d moved out. We all then went to the bash together where we proceeded to climb the rock wall, watch the wing eating contests and frozen t-shirt contest, race on the inflatable’s, and participate in the pep rally. By the time it was all over, another friend had invited us to a midnight tailgate with GSB. How could we say no to a midnight tail gate? So off to Jack Trice we went. Only the tailgate had been moved to 2:30 AM so here we were on the outskirts of campus with nothing to do. Well we decided to head back towards campus and see what the crowds were like for the game. Welch Ave was packed with Hawkeyes and Cyclones who were showing their school spirit. Hawkeyes yelled at Cyclones, Cyclones yelled at Hawkeyes, and high fives were given to all who shared your choice of team.

Beat Iowa Bash!

The next day one of my roommates painted her face while my other roommate tried to figure out how to watch the game on her TV. Unfortunately she failed so we listened to the big game on the radio. Now I’m not a football person, but let me tell you, listening to the game is so much more stressful than actually being there. The announcer is always pausing right before anything big happens and it’s extremely nerve wracking. Especially when you’re in the third overtime of the game and this is the touchdown that can win it for you. Needless to say, we won, and our screaming could be heard throughout the building.

After a game like that, it’s really pretty impossible to do anything productive for the rest of the day. So one thing led to another and it was decided that we would utilize the wonderful Jishke Honors Building to conclude our Saturday night. Something that many people may not know about Jishke when they first get into honors is that it has a fantastic projector and a giant pile of pillows… and that these are available for anyone to use. So we built a giant nest of pillows, ordered pizza, and watched a movie on the projector. It was basically the best movie theater possible, but completely free.

The rest of the week I was pretty busy between tests, organization meetings, and homework. However, Thursday night I found the time to go to a documentary that the campus lecture organization was putting on. Basically the campus organizes to have lecturers come in and give free lectures to the general public. You might think that sounds pretty boring, but in all actuality they’re usually very interesting. The one I went to was a documentary made by a group of graduate students on human trafficking in the United States. It was shocking for me, because sex trafficking isn’t something that many people will connect with the United States, but evidently you can find it everywhere, and that doesn’t just mean big cities. Needless to say, seeing that made me wonder what other lectures are coming up, so this weekend I’ll go listen to Grant Imahara reveal all the secrets of mythbusters.

Movie Night


Human Trafficking Presentation







Today is Friday, other than grabbing lunch in the GSB office space with some friends, my day hasn’t been super exciting. But tonight is HSB’s Ice Skating night which will be a blast. I’m personally terrible at ice skating and will probably have plenty of bruises by the end of the night, but I’ll go anyway because A) it’s free B) I’ll get to hang out with all of my friends and have a blast and C) there’s hot cocoa. What could be a better end to a week?

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