Busy week. Fun week. Glad it’s done week.

Classes have started to begin their first rounds of tests, and activities have started to pick up.  It’s getting a little bit colder, and leaves have begun to fall.  It’s fall time.  This past week has been quite busy, with taking a test, studying for a test, and working on a group project, but I haven’t spent the whole week devoting my time to school.

This weekend, on Friday, I went to free ice skating provided by the Honors Student Board.  When I was there I managed not to fall down at all, and also to see many of my old friends.  Two girls that I spent most of my time with lived in Barton Anders last year, the same honors house that I did.  We got a chance to catch up, take a picture or two, and try not to fall over.

This weekend I’m planning on going to the E-Ball, or the Engineering Ball with some of my friends who also lived in Anders last year.  I went my freshman year but couldn’t go last year, so I’m excited to get to go again and see everyone.  Another of my good friends is on E-Week committee, so I got to see the table decorations before anyone else, and they looked quite smashing.

Although it has been a busy week academically, it’s been a good week overall and I’m looking forward to not only taking a nap but also this weekend.  🙂

Posted by Diane

Ice Skating with friends


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