Midterms week: it’s not just tests!

You can always tell when midterms have arrived. People are getting stressed, the library is more crowded and the line at Caribou gets just a little bit longer. One thing I love about honors is the opportunities it provides for taking a break from school work. One of my favorite study breaks is broomball! Not to brag but I just might possess an intramural championship t-shirt from a past season. I got into playing broomball my first semester on a team with girls from my honors house (Barton Anders). Living in an honors house was one of the best decisions I ever made. I made amazing friends immediately and we made an amazing team. Even though I no longer live in the dorm I still go back to visit and play on broomball teams with residents. Last night we played the second game in the tournament and won 2-1!!

(My broomball team the Barton Anders Bunnies. Front left to right:Kristin, Emily, Me (Megan) Back left to right: Liz, Irena, Megan and Sarah.

This last weekend was the FHP retreat which provided yet another amazing opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of friends. This was my third time attending the retreat and each time it is even more exciting. As a member of Honors Student Board, I got to help out with serving food and dealing poker as a part of the “statistics and probability” activity. It was a whole lot of fun spending time with all of my friends I have met through honors. Of course we took some time to take pictures before we got to work!

Members of HSB at the FHP retreat! Top left to right: Jessica, Manoj Bottom left to right: Me (Megan), Hannah, Kelly, Emily

The Iowa State University provides so many great academic benefits like small class sizes, interesting seminars and research opportunities but beyond that there is so much more. Broomball and the FHP retreat are only two of the many activities that honors students enjoy. Although midterms can be stressful, there is always fun to be had through the honors program. Looking ahead I am really excited for NCHC in Arizona, Fall Ball and all the other amazing activities ahead!!

Posted by Megan


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