Homecoming Recap!!

It has been a busy week here at ISU; it’s Homecoming! Campus hums like a beehive during homecoming and the weather is gorgeous! I had a pretty busy week as well, full of a test, assignments and work. It was also the beginning of registration for spring classes and one of the perks of Honors is that you get to register earlier than the other people in your class. Because I am a senior with a lot of extra credits, I have the earliest possible registration time of all!

I spent the first few days of the week looking over the catalog at all the amazing
possibilities for classes I could take: Roman Archeology, Social Psychology, and Religion
& Politics just to name a few! I ended up with a great schedule that I’m really excited
about: Plant Systematics, Plants and People, Evolutionary Genetics, Literature of Latin
America, Choir and a one credit wine tasting seminar! Can you tell I’m a Biology major
who likes plants? Here’s what my schedule looks like. Pretty great, huh?! 🙂

Well, like I said, it’s Homecoming so there are lots of fun activities on campus
throughout the week, as well as a bunch of interesting lectures and free food! The
Greek community has lots of fun competitions as well, most prominently Yell Like Hell.
It’s a cheering competition and each pairing creates a (usually humorous) skit about ISU
with choreography. The final cuts of the competition are tonight and I’m excited to see
who will win this year! Here’s a link to a video of the 2010 finals! Be prepared, it’s
pretty intense concentration of Cyclone awesomeness.

Food on campus is another great aspect of Homecoming! All you have to do
it buy a Homecoming button (they’re cheap!) and you get lunch every day, all week!
Central campus is full of people playing Frisbee, eating lunch and just chatting!

I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy a Fall at ISU!
Being in the Honors Program provides great
opportunities, and perks like early registration to make
your time as a Cyclone even more incredible!

Posted by Mischa


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