This past week, seven of us flew to Phoenix, AZ to join honors students from universities from around the country at the Conference for the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). It was an amazing time! After attending various sessions we learned all sorts of great things from other programs that we can apply to HSB. We even had the opportunity to meet with Grace Amemiya. She is a fascinating woman who was sent to a Japanese internment camp while in college in California during World War 2. Her story was inspirational! She currently lives in Ames and HSB is hoping to host an event with her in the near future. Definitely looking forward to that!

Along with all of the sessions there were plenty of social events. These included a dance party, a night at the Phoenix science center as well as a rooftop karaoke party. As a group we even got to explore downtown Tempe and Hike on South Mountain. A whole lot of fun was had by all. Our trip ended on a high note as we all sang “C’est la Vie” by B*Witched at the karaoke event! Even though playing catch up with school work can be stressful, exploring Phoenix and learning about different honors programs or colleges was an amazing mid-semester break!

Posted by Megan


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