Fall at ISU

And it’s been another week of beautiful fall weather at ISU! Even if you aren’t a huge fan of fall because it signals the oncoming months of cold, you won’t be able to help smiling at all the beautiful trees on Central Campus! On Tuesday I was having a tough day. It had been long, starting at 8am with an exam and full of meetings and studying. I was finally walking home around 7pm across Central Campus and I hear the moan of a bagpipe floating towards me through the trees. There is a man, referred to by my group of friends as “bagpipe-man” (we’re pretty creative, can’t you tell?), who will randomly play underneath one of the trees. The combination of the music, the setting sun on the fall leaves… it made my Cyclone heart happy. This is just one of many moments that have made me stop and think how lucky I am to be here. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me, but if you want to see some pictures of when other people have captured those moments, check out the Photostream: http://photostream.iastate.edu/ Some of the pictures are incredible!

Also going on this week is intramural broomball! I’m on a team with four other girls. We met on Starbuck (the Honors floor in Martin Hall) our freshman year and have been fast friends ever since. If you haven’t played broomball before, you’ll definitely get the opportunity through your floor or other campus organization. And let me tell you, the Honors floors get pretty competitive about it! This was our first preliminary game, which is used to determine what bracket you will be in for the tournament. Sadly we lost, but not due to a lack of effort! And we had fun even so!

As it is midterm time, there are lots of long-term projects and things that I needed to start working on this week. For example, in my Plant Breeding class I am researching the development of pepper cultivars and before Thanksgiving break will need to present what I’ve learned to the class. Some of my friends from Starbuck and I have a weekly study session in the library but this week, because the weather was so nice, we decided to have it outside! It was a great way to change our routine and yet still be productive. Here we are being nervous for our exams!

But studying with friends is a great way to review and relieve nerves. It turns out we all did great on our exams and have a good start on our projects! Hooray!

The Honors Program is a great way to meet people, both in your area of study and people studying completely different things! For example my roommates are an interior design major, a political science major and a business and English major! We certainly have interesting conversations! I hope you get the opportunity to come meet new people and explore ISU for yourself!

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