All things Halloween!

The end of October is always a fun time at ISU: crunchy leaves, Cyclone football, and, most importantly, Halloween. Ah yes, the one time of year that it’s perfectly acceptable to dress like a fool and take candy from strangers. Since Halloween fell on a Monday this year, I decided to spend the last half of October celebrating and taking advantage of all of the fun things to do!

The Haunted Forest is supposed to be one of the scariest attractions in Iowa. It’s essentially a 30 minute walk through a forest complete with costumed actors, blacked out rooms, and a clown maze. I’ve never gone as I’m afraid of my own shadow, but this year I was able to be one of the actors! The person who painted my face was amazing! I also now understand why people enjoy scaring me so much. Don’t let the picture fool you-it was a ton of fun helping out! I just decided that I would probably be sad if I were to become a real zombie…

The Story County Conservation Center does a Halloween Hike every year to educate little kids about wildlife. Mischa and I volunteered for it last year and had a great time so we decided to do it again this year! Really, it was just another excuse to wear our costumes again 😉 Little did we know that upon our return we would be kidnapped and taken to Orange Leaf in costume. Free frozen yogurt in exchange for an hour of strange looks…. Worth it.

ISU After Dark had an awesome Halloween themed night in the Memorial Union last weekend. There were a bunch of activities like making fuzzy monsters, pumpkin painting, laser tag, karaoke, and a lecture from Max Brooks titled “How to Survive a Zombie Attack”. A few friends and I decided to check out the lecture. It was awesome! I am now completely prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse. Anyone 
want to be on my team?

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