What is Dance Marathon?

Happy Dancer Appreciation Week! What am I talking about, you ask? Dance Marathon, of course! In honor of this most auspicious week, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to clubs on campus. Clubs are an awesome way to make friends since you already have something in common. ISU has over 750 clubs, so there is certainly something for everyone. And, if you don’t find something that interests you, then you can always start your own!

Dance Marathon is the largest philanthropic club on campus. It’s not really a dance or a marathon, but it’s a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network and specifically, the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. Every January dM puts on a huge event to celebrate the kids we’ve helped. It’s an absolutely amazing, indescribable celebration of life. Last year we raised over $264,000 for the kids!! Though the big event is in January, committee members spend the entire year finding sponsors, raising awareness, and getting people excited to be a part of the day-of! Likewise, all of those people who register to participate in January, or dancers, raise money. Dancers are really what makes the big day-of event so wonderful. So, to honor all of those people (over 1200 people so far!), this week is Dancer Appreciation Week! We’ve had free root beer floats, free tie-dying, and tonight was our first ever Mr. Teal Pageant. Honestly, what’s better than a male beauty pageant?? dM is something that I’ve been involved with since my freshman year and I’ve gotten the chance to be on a committee the past two years. Honors kids get pretty into it- just ask some of the other Honors Ambassadors 😉 Since I could never put dM into words, here are some pictures showing how awesome it is- including the Mr. Teal Pageant winners!

Besides Dance Marathon, I’m involved in a bunch of other clubs on campus. A few years ago I decided to start a club called Students Helping Rescue Animals. SHRA is an organization dedicated to connecting students with local animal shelters and rescue organizations in efforts to help homeless animals. It’s been an amazing learning experience and I’ve met a lot of great people that share my passion! Here’s a picture of a few of us volunteering.

Clubs are a wonderful way to meet new people, build your résumé, and get involved with something you love. I definitely recommend finding a few when you first get here! There’s something for everyone!

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