My Experience with the First Year Mentor Program

One of the neatest things that I’ve been involved with during my time here is the First Year Mentor Program. It is an incredible opportunity for freshman to get involved with research on campus! And if you’re not in a science discipline, don’t worry there’s research for you too! My roommate, who is an Interior Design major, did a project with a Landscape Architecture professor and absolutely loved it! How it works is you fill out an application with your interests and skills listed and then the wonderful people in the Honors Program with match you with a mentor on campus who has similar interests! Then you have a semester to work in their lab and do a neat project. Often, these projects can lead to further employment and sometimes even be published! My freshman year I worked in a Plant Pathology lab and learned a lot of genetic techniques that helped me get an internship the following summer at Cornell University! Here’s a picture of me working in the lab!


Another really awesome academic opportunity provided by the Honors Program is Lunch with a Professor! Every few weeks or so, the Honors Program will arrange to have a professor have lunch with a small group of students. Not only do you get free lunch out of the deal, but you get to have conversations with some of the best minds of the university! Some recent conversations have been with Provost Betsy Hoffman, Professor Joan Cunnick, and after break students will have the chance to chat with a renowned physicist, Dr. Craig Ogilvie.

These are just two of the many ways that the Honors Program provides intellectually stimulating opportunities for students outside of their class work! When you join the Honors community, you are joining a group of people that love to challenge themselves and learn with other people. And we have a great time doing it!

Posted by Mischa

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