Winter Break and a BOWL GAME are almost here!

The semester is almost over!  It’s crazy to think about, but the first semester of my junior year is officially done.  I just got back from Thanksgiving break, and it was a great time to see my family and see old friends.  I haven’t been home since August 6th, so it was time for a trip back to good old southern Iowa.

Although being home was nice, I was also looking forward to coming back to Ames after our HUGE WIN AGAINST OKLAHOMA STATE!  I love football games and I’m a member of the marching band in colorguard, but I’m usually not a big believer in getting too upset or excited about the end score of a game.  Even though I’m pretty laid back, there was no way that I couldn’t have even more Cyclone pride than I normally do after our huge win.  My good mood also may have been quite enhanced because I was on the megatron screen in the stadium at least two times.  I’m looking forward to spending a part of my winter break preforming at the bowl game!

Marching band was something I was active in during high school, but when I put away my melaphone after my last performance senior year, I never though I would ever do marching band again.  Sophomore year of college I decided to randomly try out for colorguard, even though I had only marched with an instrument in high school and I did one year of winterguard, which is basically colorguard, except for indoors during the winter season.  I ended up making the guard line, and since then, band has become a big part of my life again.

I love the atmosphere at the games and the friends I have made from band.  I love performing at Jack Trice Stadium and having little kids want to hi-five me.  Band is also nice to have a place to go to when I’m busy and have a lot on my plate, a place where I can go and take some time to reenergize and do something fun with friends.

Even if band isn’t your thing, or if you were in band but never want to return to the marching fields, there’s always something you can do to really make Iowa State your campus and a place where you love.  There’s over 800 clubs on campus (including Dance Marathon!) that could be just the fit for you.  🙂

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