A few weeks ago I wrote about student organizations, especially one in particular: Dance Marathon. dM was this past Saturday and I absolutely must write my post about it! As I wrote earlier, Dance Marathon is the largest student run philanthropic organization on campus. All of the money we raise goes to the Children’s Miracle Network, and specifically, the children’s hospital in Iowa City. This year was the 15th anniversary of ISU dM and we went all out for it! One of my favorite parts was the talent show that the miracle children put on. The kids get a chance to go on stage and show us what they’ve got (which is a whole lot!). It’s amazing to see these kids so happy and full of life. Plus, there are few things cuter than a little six-year-old singing to hundreds of college kids. While the entire event is amazing, the best part was finding out how much money we raised. dM 2012 raised $380,742.15 for the kids! This was an increase of over $116,000 from last year! I can’t put into words how amazing Dance Marathon is and how much it’s meant to me over the past four years. dM is definitely one of the things I will miss most when I graduate. Here are some pictures from dM 2012.

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