Community: Honors is where it’s at!

After a week jam-packed with three tests, a couple of quizzes, and 50-degree weather, one must wonder if we’re already to finals week.  But no, we just wrapping up the fourth week of school.  Sure, the week was hectic, but besides the tests, I remember the little things that make me smile.  When I was leaving Jischke, the honors building, early this week, the guy walking in front of me unknowingly dropped his glove and I, along with two other people near me rushed to return the glove to him.  We were all strangers, yet we were all leaving Jischke, and the sense of community within the honors building from people you’ve never met, never ceases to embrace all of the honors kids.  When I went to State Gym to burn-off some energy after a studying marathon, a fellow honors student taught the fitness class I attended, and I realized once again the huge amount of diversity and talent of the people I’ve met through honors.  While I’m in organic chemistry lab, my honors student friends talk about the “Almanac of Reactions” they’ve made while studying for the test this week, and I crack-up a little bit because I know exactly what they mean.  While in my honors seminar this morning, the History of Food, one student brings in blancmange, an almond based dessert that we all taste, another student shares about table manners in her home country, Malaysia, while another student tries to learn the table etiquette in Argentina since she’ll be visiting there in a few weeks.  The amazing backgrounds and future plans of honors students are always enlightening.

After this crazy week, I headed home to Iowa City on Friday.  However, a friend who is an honors student in meteorology showed me the projected snowfall on Saturday…about 14 inches.  I guess that’s what we get for living in Iowa.  But what do I get for going to Iowa State and knowing the honors students?   I get my own personal weathergirl who, when the weekend is over, will safely get me back home to Iowa State.

Posted by Kelcy


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