Life in Anders

I’m not really a morning person.  I love the morning, but waking can be quite a difficult task to accomplish.  I came in from the cold for the 8 am meeting for Honors Ambassadors and was greeted by doughnuts, people, and orange juice.  During our meeting, we each got a chance to talk about what honors was for us, and I thought more about what I personally gained from honors.

One of the things that impacted me the most, besides the academic and leadership benefits, was living in honors housing on Barton Anders.  I decided to do honors housing because I figured I might as well when I filled out my housing contract, and I’m very happy I did.  My move in day was the day after I turned 18, which happened to be a rainy, dirty, cold day.  After my parents left, I sat alone in my room, unsure of what to do.  Pretty soon, it was figured out for me.

I heard a knock on the door, and it was two upperclassman inviting me and all of the other freshman who were hiding to come out and talk to them.  Several of my other introductions to my floor mates included those who lived there before to reach out to me and try to make me feel at home.

As time progressed, I became more and more comfortable, and I have met some of my best friends through living on the floor.  I’m going to be a bridesmaid this fall to a couple who met in Anders.  There are a lot of special things that stand out to me in my dorm experience.”Kitchen Crew” was established, where a group of about six people would stay awake for ridiculous hours talking about life and everything we could think of in the kitchen.  I became an intramural broomball champion (a feat I have considered putting on my resume, because it is that impressive).  We made pie every Wednesday night, and upheld several long standing Anders traditions, such as nightly house dinners and hallway olympics.

Living in an honors dorm might not be everyone’s first choice, or even the right choice for them, but for me, it was definitely a decision that I’m glad I made.  The kind of community and friendship I built, along with all of the crazy things I did with my fellow Andersians, are memories that I’ll always be glad I was able to make.

Posted by Diane


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