KQ 2012

Throughout the year, you’ve heard about a lot of different experiences with Honors housing. As pretty much any student in one of these Honors houses will tell you, the experience is not complete without Kaleidoquiz. Kaleidoquiz, or KQ, is essentially a 26-hour trivia contest which takes place the first weekend in March (last weekend!) Sounds easy for an Honors kid, right? Far from it. Trivia questions are asked every 6 minutes, but these aren’t your normal trivia questions. I remember my freshman year the first question asked where you would be if you moved in certain directions on a certain level of the original Legend of Zelda. Questions range anywhere from obscure pop culture references to the history of Iowa State. In addition to the questions, there are other challenges for teams to complete. This includes scavenger hunts, sound montages, and even travelling out of the state. Just like the questions, though, these aren’t your everyday run-of-the-mill 26-hour trivia contest challenges. Previous challenges included protecting Cy from the Army ROTC using socks, finding a vampire hunting kit, creating a music video, and deciphering which movies a montage of screams came from. As you might imagine, KQ is right up the Honors kids’ alley. It has become a huge battle for bragging rights among the different Honors houses. No matter the outcome though, (I would like to point out, however, that Starbuck, my Honors house, took 1st place my sophomore year), KQ is a really fun tradition to take part in. There’s definitely never a dull moment. To prove that, here are a few pictures from past KQs: me in a Flash costume made of duct tape, an ISU mural we made, and Jeff Johnson boosting the morale of the Starbuckian team!

Posted by Allie


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