The Awesomeness that is the Honors Student Board (HSB)

The Honors Student Board, fondly referred to as HSB, is the student-run organization of the Honors Program. Throughout the year HSB puts on amazing (free!) events for any Honors student to attend. There is always something to do on the Iowa State campus, but HSB helps to create the stellar “Honors Community” that makes Honors such a great organization to be a part of.  In this entry I want to catch you up on some of the AMAZING events that have happened so far this semester:

Murder Mystery:
Jischke (the Honors building) was transformed into a Las Vegas casino for the night and all the attendees had to mix and mingle with the actors to figure out who killed “Ace High.” Was it Ronald Trump the casino owner? Lucy Legs the showgirl? Or Elvis, the Elvis impersonator?

Speed Meeting: Almost 50 people came to this brand new event to get to know others in the Honors Program. Set-up in three-minute rotations, the attendees had brief conversations with the others students and then were able to keep track of the people who they wanted to meet with (as friends or as more than friends) later.

Dinner with Iowa State’s new president, Dr. Leath: As part of our regular “Discussions and Desserts” series, Honors students got the chance to meet with President Leath (seen below). This catered meal provided the small group setting which Honors values as the mode through which great discussions and ideas can be shared.

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