“If Dr. Phil can do it, so can I”

I’ve recently started to undertake a quite daunting task after I realized as a junior, I’m almost done at Iowa State.  I’ve been trying to decide what to do for an Honors project.  Every student who graduates with Honors is required to do a capstone project, which can either be research based or more creative.  The time is fast approaching where I need to decide what I’m doing with my life and with my project.

After discussing it with several friends and going through a few different ideas, until recently I still wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was going to do yet.  I apparently have amazingly high achieving friends who are intelligent, and are doing things to help them further themselves in their chosen field.  For example, one of my pre-vet friends is working in the equine barns with a professor.  Another one of my friends, who wants to be a counseling psychologist is designing a project based on military families, which is what she wants her focus to be for her career.

Careful consideration of combing what I was good at and what I wanted to spend a substantial amount of my time on, as well as finding something that would benefit me was proving to be difficult.  My long-term goal is to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, and I think I would like to focus on engaged couples and help with premarital counseling.  Inspiration finally struck after I received a book for Christmas from a friend.  He printed off a fake cover and placed it over a child’s book, and the title was “A Boring Woman’s Guide to Getting Hot Guys” as a joke.

Although I haven’t finalized my plan, but I’ve come up with a two main ideas.  I might combine doing some research on relationships and  writing a fun, lighthearted self-help type book about relationships.  I don’t know how exactly the book will form, and what exactly it will be like, or even if that will be my final project, but if Dr. Phil can do it, so can I.

Posted by Diane

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