Welcome to Honors!

Being in Ames over the summer, I have to say that I was excited when other students started to come back to Iowa State.  It meant a start to a new year, a new set of classes and the beginning of the fall season.  What I was easily most excited for the start of a new First-Year Honors Program (FHP) year!  As an undergraduate assistant, I spent a lot of time over the summer working with Laurie and Emily to plan the events that would take place over the first month.  Now that the school year has started and FHP is well under way, I can’t help but get a satisfying feeling when I watch the leaders around me taking charge in their sections.

Not only have the classroom experiences so far been amazing, but my honors floor has come back together as if we hadn’t spent any time apart from each other!  As soon as my friends started showing up on Lorch-Russell House in Friley Hall once again, I found myself filled with excitement and happiness.  As a junior, this is my third time experiencing the beginning of a year in the residence halls.  The building seems to come alive with the students, and Lorch-Russell was no exception.  The first night my friends returned, we all ate dinner together and sat in the hallway talking and joking with each other until late in the night, or early in the morning at that point!

Speaking of Lorch-Russell, I love my floor.  Most students move off of the honors floors after their sophomore year.  In my case, having made so many friends in the grade below me and enjoying the comfort and convenience of being five minutes from classes made me want to stay on the floor again.  I had my doubts, being one of four returning juniors on the floor.  After that first night, it felt as if grade levels didn’t matter.  It didn’t feel like we were friends meeting again after a long summer apart, or even like classmates who share in the trials and tribulations of hard classes together.  It felt like a family, a group of people that I could go to with everything and anything, whenever and wherever.  That is one of the reasons that I love my floor so much.  Not only are we extremely active and outgoing, the community and the atmosphere created by all the students coming together is truly amazing.

I look forward to the rest of the semester and what it has to bring.  I know that I will become closer to my friends on the floor through Honors Student Board events as well as spur of the moment events.  I’m looking forward to my chemical engineering classes and reconnecting with my honors friends who are in classes with me.  But most of all I’m excited for the FHP retreat which will be taking place extremely early this year.  I’m anxious and excited to finish the planning along with my other fellow undergraduate assistants, Grace and Katie.

Being as busy as I am, nothing is certain when it comes to what will happen when.  One thing is certain though; this is going to be a fun semester!

 Posted by Chris


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