Once a Cyclone, Always a Cyclone

The start of school at Iowa State brings one thing to the front of every Iowa State students’ mind – Cyclone football! Everything about game days in Ames makes me happy – the entire atmosphere is electrified in a way that only a football Saturday in the fall can bring.  Yes, Iowa State isn’t know for its outstanding football prowess (even though we are currently undefeated and just BEAT IOWA!!!) but the Cyclone community rallies around football like we rally around anything else we care deeply about – with a sense of pride, loyalty and excitement.


As a graduating senior this year, the first game of the season was bittersweet.  As I stood in Jack Trice stadium last Saturday, I realized it was the last, first time I would walk to the stadium, go tailgating, watch the team take the field and do all of the other things I love so much.  All of the feelings the start of football season brought on made me realize just how awesome my Iowa State experiences have been the past three years and how much I will miss everything about this place when I graduate.


The widespread dedication and passion Iowa State has for everything from football to honors is one of my favorite parts about being a Cyclone.  It has truly been an unforgettable journey and as I dive into my final semesters here, I honestly cannot wait to start working with Honors Ambassadors again! My goal for the remainder of my time here is to show all of the prospective Honors students that academics and being in Honors is just part (a really fun part!) of the Iowa State adventure.  I hope that after talking to me they will understand it is all of the other activities (like football games) that they will remember and make them Cyclones for life!

Go State!


Posted by Kirsten


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