Written by:

Michael Flannery

Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering

Leader, First-Year Honors Program Section G2

ISU Drumline

As an Honors student in engineering and marching band, it can certainly seem like I simply don’t have enough time to do it all. That would be an unfortunate realization, if it wasn’t for how awesome all of those things are. Making my life even better is how the three things complement each other. Honors makes engineering easier because it lets me take honors classes where complicated concepts are put into terms that I can understand. This is done not only by teachers, but also by peers. These classes are also filled with some of my best friends whom I only met because of my FHP experience. Honors also allows me to take seminars where I am in a low key and comfortable environment talking about subjects that truly interest me. Seminars are definitely a nice break from the stress and monotony from Engineering. Where does marching band fit into all of this? It is like the dessert to my academic main course. After a long day of deriving formulas and looking at a computer screen I am able to put on my drum and play with group of over 300 of my best friends. Don’t think that the learning stops though. Marching band is another way to improve yourself. Skills such as peer interaction and time management are taught through marching band. Having a band that is half engineers is an invaluable asset to the ISUCF ‘V’ MB. With such a large band it is a massive undertaking to coordinate all of the trips, drill sets and music writing that goes into just one season. Many problems are solved not only because of the engineers in band, but also because of the honors student. Whether it is in a physics classroom or at Jack Trice at half time, honors students just have a way of making Iowa State better.


Check out Mike in the College of Engineering’s video about engineers in ISU’s marching band:





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