I know that Honors blog posts are technically supposed to focus on one event, but I have just had the First-year Honors Program (FHP) on my mind lately, and I have to dedicate this blog post to it!

I came to Iowa State for a number of reasons. And by a “number” I mean two: our Honors Program and the Horse barns on campus. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, ISU has horse barns on campus?” Yes, my friend, yes we do. But that’s a topic for another blog.

When choosing a college, I knew that I wanted to go out-of-state. The only problem was that everyone I knew was going in-state. A big seller for ISU then, was the idea of immediately meeting 400 other students in the Honors program. Now, we’ve already talked about how awesome living in Honors’ housing is, but a big part of your first year in Honors is the seminar component, or Honors 121.

Pairings of 10-12 students are assigned a section of Honors 121, and put under the loving care and guidance of two second-year students. Each section comes up with a theme to explore throughout the course of the semester. The theme should be based on a common interest of the students. Taylor, my co-leader, and I knew early on that our students were awesome, and this was only solidified when they agreed on a theme for the semester: Pirates. I know, right?

Posted by Evie Sue


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