Honors in Boston

Once again a group of us set off to the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Conference this fall.  This year’s location was Boston, Massachusetts.  Boston is an amazing city, rich in history and full of opportunities for exploring and learning.

One thing I love about NCHC is the opportunity to learn about other honors programs from around the nation.  We attended various sessions that were lead by students and faculty from different programs including our own.  It is extremely helpful to share what has worked and what has been difficult for the different groups.  We can then apply these new tips and tricks to our own organization.  This year was especially beneficial since our honors student board is looking to do some reorganizing and refocusing.  Some very helpful advice and suggestions were shared by students have gone through this same process.

Honors has already been a fabulous method for building a community within the college campus.  Now having attended NCHC twice, I feel that honors has given be an extremely expansive network. I am now connected to students from all around the nation and who knows when we may cross paths again.  This new network was most evident when the eight students from our group attended a dinner with some alumni from Iowa State who now reside in Boston.  As a graduating senior it was neat for me to learn about what they all did after college.  It was also cool when I discovered connections and common friends with these graduates.  It makes me wonder how truly expansive this network through honors is.

NCHC provides so much more than just a trip to an awesome city.  It provides an opportunity to learn about improving honors programs and build connections.  As I am getting ready to graduate in the spring, I realize that a lot of the experiences that have expanded my education and shaped me as a person have been through honors.  I have been fortunate to gain so much from the honors program and I am excited to see how it plays out into the future.


Posted by Megan


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