Dead Week

DEAD WEEK. It’s not nearly as exciting as it sounds. This time of the semester, I always have a secret wish: that dead week will live up to its namesake and finally, FINALLY, the Zombie apocalypse will take place. I know what you’re thinking: “Evie, if zombies clambered into your classroom during dead week, you would have no time to study for your finals!” As tragic as this idea is, especially to an Honors student, it is a risk I am more than willing to take.

In early Fall, there’s always this game on campus called ISUndead. The student population is divided up into zombies and humans, all of whom must mark themselves with either a green or red bandana respectively. The premise of the game is essentially that of tag, where the zombies try to “eat the brains of the humans,” or tag them, and the humans try to “bazooka the brain-less remnants of death that are zombies” or throw socks at them. The sole survivor wins… theoretically. Personally, I think it’d be really sad if I was the lone student on campus.

Of course, one would have the company of all the zombies… who I’ve heard can be good listeners. Hopefully it never comes to that though. Needless to say, just in case I’ve stocked up on a lifetime supply of Girl Scout cookies and plenty pictures of my dog, Bosco.

But back to Dead week: Unfortunately, everyone is a little too preoccupied during this week to partake in some good ol’ fashion zombie hunting. These five days are just a lot of studying, 23/7 quiet hours in the dorms, (thank goodness for Rowdy Hour from 9-10pm!), and no tests/quizzes/meetings.

There are a few perks to dead week, however. Like “Night before class” which is a big party we have in the Honors building the Sunday night before finals to de-stress. And you know… plenty of time to study. Note to newbies: best of luck if you’re thinking about trying to snag a seat in the library. (Shameless-plug: The honors building always has a spare room to hunker down in if you need a study space. Did we mention it’s available to Honors students all day, er’reday??)




You’ll have to excuse me now. I’m done procrastinating by writing a blog, and I should get back to my… “studying.”

See you on the other side! Happy finals, Honors kids!


Cutie, huh? Yeah, takes after his momma 😉

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Posted by Evie Sue


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