Slumber Party!!

During my time in honors I have seen many people do really great things.  Whether it has been in academics, community service or leadership, my peers in honors continue to impress and awe me.  These people continue to motivate me to strive to be my best in school and to take an active role outside of the campus boundaries.  This is part of the reason why I got involved in the YWCA Girls Power Mentor program.  At the beginning of the year I was paired up with my twelve year old mentee and we have been hanging out once a week ever since.  This program has been a great way to get away from campus every now and again and be a kid again.  Last night was the annual YWCA Girls Power slumber party!  There were about twenty mentor/mentee pairs and we had a blast.  As one may expect, this slumber party included hair braiding, friendship bracelet making, cookie decorating and nail painting.  The night then ended with watching the movie Tangled.  It was a fabulous way to unwind after making it through the first month of the semester.  I love that I can work hard in my school work and can be active on campus but still make time to relax and be active in my community.  The honors program has connected me with people who act as a constant source of motivation and inspiration.  I look forward to see what we all accomplish in the remainder of the semester!

 021113 Leill picture  A (blurry) picture of me and my mentee at our Halloween party dressed as clowns.

– Posted by Megan


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