It is that time of year…

Everything starts to get busy: the time when an eighteen credit course load begins to seem like maybe not the best idea, and every organization needs to have two extra meetings a week for planning events and emergency issue. This makes for late nights, lots of (insert favorite caffeinated beverage here), and some interesting study techniques. What’s an Honors student to do?

Well, I have found a list of the top five methods for late night productivity:

  1. Study in a very public place. You are much less likely to fall asleep.
  2. Bring a friend to keep you awake. It really does help!
  3. Flashcards! Seriously, no matter how tired I get, I can always flip through one or two more vocabulary words.
  4. Water, preferably iced. Somehow, it just keeps you awake.
  5. Walks outside. We are blessed to be in Ames, where it is usually fairly chilly late at night, and there is nothing like a wintry Iowa night to wake you up. And, the stars are pretty, too!

Sound dull? You would be surprised! I think most of my favorite memories are my friends and I studying in Jischke, residence hall lounges, the Memorial Union, or other campus buildings. I know I have tried hula-hooping (definitely a fail!- but I applaud all who are able), random internet fitness videos, and learned countless new jokes (most from candy wrappers.. but still funny!) on study breaks.

-Posted by Morgan


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