Winning Kaleidoquiz!

This past weekend was KQ Weekend on my Honors floor, Harwood. And in case you didn’t hear, we came in first place! Even Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Sexy Sax Man came to congratulate us (watch the videos on the link below to see them). For those of you at home who have no idea what I’m talking about, Kaleidoquiz (KQ) is a 26 hour long radio contest put on by KURE, Iowa State’s radio station housed in Friley Residence Hall. KQ encompasses everything from creating videos, googling ridiculous questions every six minutes, competing in scavenger hunts, battling in sports activities, and driving across the good old U.S.A. My floor has been doing KQ for probably more years than I’ve been alive. And let me tell you, they are intense!

Most of them sleep only a few hours during the 26 hours or some not at all! Last semester was the first time KURE had QK, a mini version of KQ. It was great for the freshmen on my floor to experience since KQ is quite difficult to explain because there is so much to cover. Surprise, surprise, we won that one as well! When you win KQ, you get showered with great gifts. A few years back our floor won a used van that they sold and used the money to buy furniture for our den. Last year, we won board games. This year we got a poker table! For this year’s victory I have to give credit to all the freshmen who eagerly contributed, the old Harwoodians who continue to preserve the memory of KQ, and of course our KQ chair this year, the man who ran it all, Alec Filak.

I hope that this inspires you to form a team and try KQ next year! Trust me, you’ll form a great bond with the people on your team in the 26 hours you’re together. Here are some videos we created for KQ this year. Enjoy!

030413 Doebel picture

Kaleidoquiz Winners- Harwood a.k.a. Newton did it with force, Goodman did it with rhythm. Shakespeare did it on stage, Phelps did it in the water… 22 times! Michelangelo did it with his hands, and For Darwin it was natural, but when Richter did it the earth shook… And we do it for 26 hours straight!

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