Well, hello! This is my first time blogging, and I think I will like it. My name is Emily, and I am from Elk River, Minn. It’s a suburb of about 30,000 people just 45 minutes north of beautiful Minneapolis. I am a sophomore majoring in journalism. I became involved with Honors as a freshman in the First-Year Honors Program. Then, during my second semester, I participated in the First-Year Mentor Program. Last semester, I was a First-Year Honors Program leader, and now I am an Honors Ambassador. You may think I live and breathe Honors, but no. I am also involved with Trend magazine and Ethos magazine, two student-run magazines on campus. I write for them both, and it is just great.

Anyways, that is a little tidbit about my involvement here at ISU. I also enjoy crafting and thrift shopping. I wish I was able to do these two things more often, but I am busy (like every other college student) and must make time for work and fun.

The other week I had a pretty laidback weekend. The coolest thing I did was paint my nails. Yep. I know… that’s not really cool, but I did base the pattern off of something I saw on E!—or maybe it was We. Well, I was watching one of these channels, and they were talking to celebrity manicurists (like, what?? Those exist?). One of the manicurists was saying how he created a nail pattern to look like Kerry Washington’s dress from the Oscars. Now, in case you have forgotten what Kerry Washington’s dress looked like I have provided you with a nice reminder (see below).

030413 Elveru picture

So, yes, of course I had to try out this celebrity manicurist’s technique on my own nails, and let me tell you it went pretty well. I was a little apprehensive and may have doubted my abilities to perform this daunting task, but I did it. See, the technique was to paint the bottom half of your nails one color and then paint glitter on the top half with an ombre effect. Basically, a big glob of sparkle on top with trailing sparkles going down into the color. I guess my nails resemble Ms. Washington’s dress. Kind of… Sort of… Maybe? To top it all off here’s a picture of me with my cool nails:

030413 Elveru picture 3030413 Elveru picture 2

Have a great week! Good luck with anything you may have going on, and always remember to stay positive.

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