I Can Dig That.

Did you play a sport you absolutely loved in high school? Could you not imagine your life without playing it, but you weren’t good enough to play on a college team, especially for a D1 school? Because I played volleyball all four years in high school, I couldn’t just quit playing cold turkey when I got to college. I had the idea of settling with participating in intramurals and playing pick-up games with new friends I’d make, but then I got an e-mail from the Iowa State University Women’s Volleyball Club about tryouts. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t at least try out, so off to tryouts I went. I was a little timid walking through the doors of the Forker Building for the first time because I didn’t know what to expect in terms of skill level and personalities of the girls. I soon found out that I was playing amongst a group of very friendly and helpful upper classmen and other freshmen on the court. A little back ground about the volleyball club: There are two different divisions, USAVB and collegiate. There are two collegiate teams, a first and second team, and everyone else who doesn’t make the collegiate team makes the USAVB team. The USAVB team stays in Ames for tournaments, and their practices are twice a week, more laid back, and aren’t necessarily mandatory. The collegiate team practices twice a week as well, but they are mandatory and more focused. All the girls are there because they love to play volleyball and are good at it, so we all want to help each other improve. I played for the USAVB team my freshman year, but this year, I play for the second collegiate team. Some perks about playing on the collegiate volleyball club teams: Playing on this team reminds me of my high school volleyball days while having my team members be more than girls I play with on the court, but also some of my closest friends. Going to practice every Tuesday and Thursday also provides a great stress relief from my busy school schedule as an Engineering Honors student and I get a great workout in. We also have about four tournaments a semester, where we can travel to colleges within Iowa and to neighboring states. The coolest thing about playing for the collegiate team is going to Nationals. This year, Nationals are in Dallas, so we get to drive ISU vans all the way down to Texas for four days! Being a part of this team reminds me of how fortunate I am to continue playing the sport I love throughout college. It also led me to some great people, unforgettable memories with my team, and a few laugh attacks in various hotel rooms… If you love playing volleyball, come try out! 022513 Wilson picture

Here’s my team at the University of Illinois where we got 3rd place!

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