What Students are Actually Doing on Their Laptops During Class

(Yes, everyone knows that you’re not taking notes)

5. Surfing www.stumbleupon.com – With a seemingly endless amount of obscure blogs to read, memes to chuckle at, unorthodox recipes to discover, and cute cat pictures to fawn over, who can blame you for not paying attention to partial differential calculus?

4. Checking www.isitchristmas.com – I mean, what if it is?!

3. Checking e-mail – Even if you just checked it five minutes ago, you’re going to check it again.  And again on your smartphone in three minutes when you become bored of the professor’s third explanation of the Invisible Hand Theory.  Isn’t there always that possibility that you get an important notice that you’ve just been awarded a prestigious scholarship or asked to interview for an internship next summer in California?! (Even though when an e-mail actually does come through, it’s just another notice that TurboWash Car Wash of Ames wants to give you ANOTHER 10% off coupon)

2.  Scouring www.reddit.com – A giant list of everything cool, shocking, humorous, disgusting, interesting, and informative that has ever been put on the Internet all in one place and put into an ordered list format?! And it’s updated daily!?!  It’s a wonder anyone ever gets anything done.

1. Update/check/creep Facebook – The eternal time waster.  Whether you’re updating your own status about how boring today’s topic of magnetic flux is, reminiscing over pictures from two summers ago, or checking if that cute girl two seats over has a boyfriend, this site seems to have been literally designed for time wasting and attention distraction.  And if I have provide a link to it, you’ve clearly been living in the stone ages.

-Posted by Nick

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