Why I live in Honors Housing

When I attended my freshman honors orientation I was told of the benefits of honors housing. Not wanting to live with a bunch of anti-social nerds, as an incoming freshman I decided to seek other options. I am glad to say that I have moved past those inaccurate stereotypes and have become a member of Anders, the honors floor in Barton Hall.

031113 Flannery picture

My dorm floor dressed up for Awkward Prom!

After my great friend and freshman roommate decided not to return to Iowa State, I was left with a random roommate in the dorms for my first semester as a sophomore. As my classes progressed I felt like I was missing something when it came to my living situation. With second semester just around the corner I decided to seek out other housing options and stumbled upon the honors floor in Barton Hall known as Anders. No pun intended. I immediately decided to move to Anders and have not regretted the move for a minute. The honors brochures will tell you that, “Honors housing provides students with a special experience – by fusing residence hall living with Honors learning, and it provides a stimulating intellectual and social atmosphere for you to enjoy.” I will say that it is a group of dozens of instant friends that are always there to help, and not just with classes. If you ever need to borrow something or need a ride to the grocery store, there is undoubtedly a friend living right down the hall willing to help. If you are having a rough day, week, or even a rough semester, your neighbors will listen to you and be there for you. We are not a group of book worms that are afraid to talk to each other. That description could not be further from the truth.

Lastly there is never a dull moment on Anders. Whether it is a board game, watching a movie, playing on an intramural sports team, or just chatting with each other in the den, there is always something to do on an honors floor. My only wish is that I would have spent all of my time at Iowa State living on an honors floor. So if you are an honors student the question shouldn’t be whether or not you want to live in honors housing. The question should be which honors floor to live on. Of course Anders is the answer.

– Posted by Michael


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