It’s Crunch Time!

Hey everyone! It’s Rachel again, coming to you fresh from Spring Break. It was interesting walking around campus; it seemed like ISU had come alive again. Although it was still snowy and freezing in Ames, spring break was definitely a much needed break and left students refreshed and ready to come back to school (for the most part). There’s not much of the semester left, and it’s time to power through and get to summer.

One thing that really helps me get through the last parts of a semester is all the friends I have met in Honors. Since they are all just as concerned with grades as I am, they don’t distract me from studying. Many of them are in my major or in my classes, so we can actually work on homework and study together. If I ever need help, there is usually a friend who I can text for some help. I also live on Starbuck, one of the Honors floors, so sometimes I just have to walk down the hall if I need some help. I even find myself asking my roommate for help occasionally.

My friends don’t only help me study though. Just like me, after studying hard, they need a break! We do all sorts of things to take a break from schoolwork. Some of these things could include: human chess, ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, baking a cake, or pretty much any random thing we can come up with. College life can get pretty crazy, but my friends from Honors definitely help me keep a balance of work and play. Writing this blog post has been enough of a break, back to studying!

– Posted by Rachel


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