Jake’s 1st Blog Post!

Hello everybody! My name is Jake Harry and I am a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering from Des Moines, IA. I’m here to tell you about all of the exciting happenings at this time of year.

Spring break has come and gone and students are hitting the ground running for the last stretch of spring. Now . . . I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t get home very often, but I always enjoy getting back with my family for a few days, catching up, and enjoying good company.  My friends are without a doubt what keep me sane this last month of school, whether that be my roommates or my classmates or all of the honors friends I have met through the program.

In the past, I was a First-Year Honors Leader and am currently an Honors Ambassador. At this time of year all the ambassadors are busy recruiting as the crowd of potential students slowly shifts from seniors to juniors. I am still learning a lot with regards to recruitment, mostly dealing with the semantics of talking to parents and students. There’s a lot more detail involved then it may seem at first glance. It certainly has been interesting and enlightening.

VEISHEA is coming up in a few weeks and I’m preparing for the population of Ames to double. That may not be an exact figure, but in reality there are so many ways to get involved with VEISHEA and so many people to meet and interact with. There are community service events, concerts and of course food all week long!

With all of the great events happening on campus I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention something of academic value. The Honors Program has all kinds of research opportunities available to freshman, and many students will continue their work well on after freshman year.  I first stepped onto the research scene at the beginning of last fall. I’m currently involved with researching various aspects of asteroid deflection technologies at the Asteroid Deflection Research Center at ISU. My work, currently, is mostly conceptual in nature, as I advance in my coursework I will begin to take on more and more of a technical role, eventually leading into graduate school.

For good measure, I’ll throw in a picture of something interesting from work. This is an image I generated with some handy computer software; it has been in several articles in the past few weeks and is a good illustration of the importance of visual appeal in presenting research.

032513 Harry picture

Alright everybody, good-bye for now!

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