Hello, all! My name is Elizabeth, and I’m excited to start sharing my honors experiences with you! I am a sophomore studying Math and Spanish Education with plans to revolutionize the world of education someday. Here at Iowa State, I enjoy coordinating the Student Role Model Program, doing Pilates and Zumba with friends, and spending most of my free time with my pals in Cyclone Bible Fellowship.

Because we’ve just gotten back from Spring Break, I am going to avoid thinking, much less writing, about anything that has to do with classes in this post. Instead, I’ll share with you how the “skills” gained in honors can come in handy for making a fantastic Spring Break:

1)      The Ability to Make Plans Quickly: This is a skill that I was able to perfect last semester as a Freshman Honors Program Leader (Note: this skill is very different from procrastination). Because my fellow honors friends and myself are such dedicated students and may forget to come up for air during the semester, Spring Break came as quite a surprise! Not wanting to waste this golden week of freedom, we decided a full 8 days in advance that we would go skiing in Colorado. For some reason, though, most hotels and ski resorts don’t offer special discounts to last-minute planners. Fortunately, we were able use our Iowa State developed research skills and put together a pretty great trip.

032513 Veldboom picture 1

Our cozy mountain home

2)      The Ability to Read Maps:  Whether leading a group of freshmen for a semester, or helping out as an Honors Ambassador, it is essential that you know how to direct people around campus (or at least you should be pretty good at making things up).  Once in Colorado, these skills were put to use 24/7, from interpreting the FreeRide map (which had eerie parallels to CyRide), to navigating the mountain (trying to avoid ending up on a double black diamond), and trying to determine which of our 3 GPS’s was correct.

032513 Veldboom picture 2 032513 Veldboom picture 3

Eerily similar…


3)      The Ability to Communicate Persuasively: Through honors, I’ve gotten many chances to develop my communication skills, and have been challenged to passionately and persuasively present my point of view. This was a vital skill when trying to convince my parents over the phone that we were not going to crash even though every road in the state of Colorado was either closed or marked “extreme caution necessary,” due to super storm Virgil.  Although our 12-hour trip turned into a 26-hour trip, it was filled with memories, and delayed returning to the reality of school for a few more hours.

032513 Veldboom picture 4


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