Living it Up at ISU

Hello, my name is Katey, and I feel a good ‘ol introduction comes in handy especially since this is my first blog post!

I am a second year Graphic Design major and Digital Media minor here at ISU, and I hail from Lakeville, Minnesota which is a southern suburb of the Twin Cities. My favorite TV shows include Top Chef, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, and I have just been introduced to The Walking Dead which is pretty awesome (and addicting…) I love reading, animals, some button-mashing video games, and just having fun doing random things with my friends.

Last year I participated in the First-Year Honors Program and was a leader of one of the groups this past semester since I had so much fun the first time! With FHP, I was able to participate in the Honors Mentor Program which had led to me to continue working in research currently. As a Graphic Design major, you could say I was shocked when I learned that there were research opportunities within my field. Since I was interested in how research with an art background worked, I was placed with Professor Debra Satterfield and the Design Information Research Group that she was a part of. I not only got to work with professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students within my major, but I also got to help present at Research in the Capitol and at Iowa State’s Symposium on Undergraduate Research. I also ran a preliminary research project of my own based on juice box package design and how it influences children’s decisions, which I hope I can turn into my final Honors Project later on.

040113 Oswald picture

When I’m not running around doing Honors or research, I’m working at the Caribou Coffee on campus and being actively involved in SHRA (Students Helping Rescue Animals) as the Webmaster and working on the Advertising Committee. I really love animals, and SHRA gave me the opportunity to go to local shelters and help educate and raise money for animals.

I used to always tell myself that I was pursuing too heavy of a workload/involvement, but I have since then realized that I like being busy and involved in so many different things that I support, love, and enjoy. ISU has offered me so many amazing opportunities and I’m not even halfway through my college career yet (well, I’m getting close!).

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