Amira’s FIRST blog post

Hey there! My name is Amira and I am a sophomore studying Public Relations/Journalism. I’m from Des Moines, so I’m lucky enough to be pretty close to home here in Ames. I became involved with the Honors program my freshmen year and I’m so glad I did. I had a great freshmen seminar class where I met a lot of amazing people and became more comfortable with Iowa State. This experience made me want to continue on, so I became a freshmen honors leader this year as well. Although Honors has a special place in my life, there are always 23423423 other things I’m up to as well…

There are a lot of student-run magazines here at Iowa State and I’m lucky enough to be a writer for two of them: Ethos and Trend magazine. I’ve been part of Trend since first semester freshmen year, and just joined Ethos this semester. I’m also a Spanish 201 tutor and recently became a DJ at Iowa State’s radio station, 88.5 KURE—quite possibly the coolest opportunity I’ve taken advantage of so far at Iowa State.

At KURE, I have a one-hour time slot every Monday at 4 pm where I play my music and get to talk a little over the air. It’s the most relaxing, yet exhilarating hour of my week. The radio station is located in the basement of Friley residence hall and the signal reaches the Ames and Boone areas. However, you can listen online anywhere, so my friends at other schools and my family back home can listen as well. I must admit, I was a bit nervous to apply to be a DJ, because I really had no idea what the position entailed, but I am glad I took the risk. I’ve started to realize in college that the more I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, the more I wonder why I was ever nervous about something in the first place.

040113 Khatib picture

the view from the KURE DJ booth.

– Posted by Amira


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