Embracing Your Inner-Nerd

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If there is one thing I am always trying to persuade people to believe, it is that I am not the weird, annoying girl who epitomizes the stereotypical Honors nerd.  Although my college experience largely revolves around an Honors social life, I can usually put up a good fight to avoid this label.  However, after this weekend’s “Awkward Prom,” my argument for my normalness may be less convincing.  It is a tradition for my Honors floor, Harwood, to attend the Honors Student Board’s Awkward Prom grand event every spring.  This year, the afternoon before the dance was spent making last minute trips to Goodwill or Random Goods for the most outrageous outfit imaginable in hopes of being crowned “Most Awkward” in some category.  Although this honor appears in the hopes and dreams of many, only Harwood is capable of dominating the royal court.  Harwood is delighted to announce that not only do we dominate at KQ, but we also have royalty living in our residence hall, as we took the crown for the “Most Awkwardly Dressed” male and female, “Most Awkward Dance Moves” for female, and of course the “Most Awkward Smile” crown for female.  The trophies, or rather painted spray cheese cans (a downgrade from the Aunt Jemima syrup bottles from last year), are proudly displayed throughout our floors, clearly explaining how we are the best Honors dorm.  Why, you may ask, is Awkward Prom such a revered occasion? Maybe it has to do with the creativity of awkward outfits, ranging from a mink scarf to extremely revealing jorts. It might draw a crowd to check out men wearing dresses or, even more awkward, dancing with a cardboard cutout of their girlfriend.  Perhaps it is the classy decorations, such as milk cartons or plastic babies, which fill the Jischke Honors Building.  Most of all, I think Awkward Prom is about close friends getting even closer…literally, in the sweaty, wonderfully awkward atmosphere created by nerds trying to dance.  Awkward Prom has something to offer for everyone, but most of all it lets us Honors Students embrace our nerdy, awkward self in more ways than you can imagine.

Posted by Alexis


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