Getting Involved: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever wondered which clubs are right for you? Or how to get a leadership position within a club? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then keep on reading!

Getting involved is honestly one of the most important things you can do during your college career. Since we are almost at the end of the semester, next semester can be a new start for anyone who wishes they would have done more. Academics are extremely important, but a major skill that can bring you far in life is the ability to balance work and play. They are not mutually exclusive from each other; you have to do both in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Yes, even you students who study for X amount of hours per day and pull all-nighters in order to get the perfect 4.0…I mean you. Taking breaks one way to de-stress, but another way is to get involved in your favorite activities. Do you like to juggle? Solve Rubik’s cubes? Kayak? There’s a club for that! Pick out a couple of your favorite activities and find a club or group that does them! The ISU website has a clubs and organizations page that can help you contact these people and learn where and when they meet, as well as going to Clubfest in the beginning of every semester. So, the next time you have a ton of homework, just think about the stress relief waiting for you next Thursday at 7 pm, or whenever it happens to be.

Getting involved with activities is one great aspect of college. There is something for everyone. Personally, I have gotten involved in a ton of organizations related to my major. I still am in the Swing dance club, and I actually perform around campus. But for those who want something more academic, your major will most likely have a club or organization dedicated to it. I have the American Meteorological Society, or AMS. We meet monthly, but we have a ton of outreach and social events every week to participate in. I spent my freshman year getting involved in AMS, but then sophomore year I decided to run for a cabinet position. Thanks to attending so many events and meeting people, I was elected to the position of Historian for this year, and I am currently nominated for the cabinet for next year.

So, if you want to not only join an organization, but also get leadership experience in it, do what I did: get to know people. Attend every event. Help the club thrive in the future. You will make a ton of friends with similar interests as you, and you have something to look forward to every week! Our next AMS meeting is coming up, and I couldn’t be more excited because I love going.

Finally, for those active people out there, try out intramurals! You don’t even have to sign up for a team; you can sign as a free agent and get paired with a team that needs an extra player. By doing this you will stay active and healthy and have a better day/week because of it. There are a ton of organizations out there for sports, even ones that aren’t extremely competitive.

Bottom line: life isn’t about doing one thing all the time. Of course, focus on academics and make sure you keep your GPA up. However, set aside some time for you to get involved and stay de-stressed and active. Whether it’s with an academic club or some random skill you might have, there will be something for you! Check out the Iowa State website to find a list of organizations you can join for next semester; summer is going to go by QUICKLY!

– Posted by Katie


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