Ames Food Love

As the end of the semester draws near, I have to start thinking about final projects and packing up my things to return home to Minnesota. As I’ll be gone from Ames for 3 months, it makes me think about the delicious foods I’ll be missing that are special to the city of Ames. As a freshman from out of state last year, I had to hear about these local and awesome places by word of mouth, but I’m going to mention a few of my favorites so that way you can discover these foods ASAP! You really don’t want to miss out!



Jeff’s Pizza

Jeff’s is the local pizza place just by campus on Lincoln Way in Campustown. I feel every campus should have a special pizza joint, and Jeff’s is it. A little spendy, but with the quality of pizza that you get it is well worth it. They have a variety of different types of pizzas and sauces, my favorite is the Feta Cheese Sauce (so good!), and their Smotharella Sticks are delicious with your choice of sauce.


Hickory Park

A restaurant located on Duff in East Ames, this restaurant embodies delicious food for a good price. They have a large variety of meals to choose from, ranging with sandwiches, burgers, and good ol’ barbecue. They also feature some delicious ice cream treats, and I especially appreciate the shakes (Chocolate Almond, so wonderful).

Orange Leaf/Aspen Leaf

At least in my hometown, frozen yogurt was not available so discovering Orange Leaf and Aspen Leaf was a new treat for me! Both are located in the East Ames area and provide a large variety of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. They are also college friendly, in that they always have deals to take advantage of. Both stores post these deals on their Facebook pages, so “like” them if you want to be updated easily about them.



The Superdog! A Campustown night treat that, when described, makes one question if it actually tastes good. But it does, it really does. The Superdog consists of a hot dog on a bun with bacon, melted cheese, potato chips, and a couple of sauces, including a pineapple sauce and a garlic-cilantro sauce. They are sold from a stand on Welch, and though it costs $5 it is totally worth it. This is one of my favorite discoveries at ISU!

– Posted by Katey


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