Best movies to watch on a Sunday when you’re bored and avoiding your homework:

Note: it’s hard work being a Materials Engineering Honors student; sometimes you just need to take a break from everything and watch movies.  Below are Paige’s recommendations.

For when you want a blast from the past of growing up in a small town in the 90s: Now and Then

To get your Disney fix with a feel good movie that allows laughter and quoting: Finding Nemo

…and to sing along to: Tangled

One of those “I can quote this whole thing like no one’s business and it’s probably annoying to all other viewers but I don’t care” movies: She’s the Man

Another quotable that also involves some vocal talent: Pitch Perfect

A classic movie that all humans should see at least once before they die because who doesn’t love sports and great friendships? Remember the Titans

Another sports movie that is very inspirational and reminds you to be a good person and if you are nice and work hard, you will be successful: The Blind Side

A great, sappy love story that also involves attractive people, humor, and the pursuit of owning an awesome apartment: The Vow

Need a reminder of how great your family is, or how animals can be friends too? We Bought a Zoo

Not everyone will agree with these movies and their greatness. There are probably a lot more movies out there that are also great and hopefully this list has prompted your memory to not forget about them. Overall, don’t forget to relax sometimes and let your mind get lost in another story that isn’t your own.

– Posted by Paige


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