Home Sweet Harwood

Oh feel the love of Harwood

As my time of living in Harwood is rapidly approaching its end, I think it is necessary to clear up some common misconceptions people may have about living on an Honors floor.  I know that when I was trying to figure out my living situations before I came to Iowa State, I was a little iffy about signing up to live in Honors Housing.  I thought that everyone living there would be super antisocial, beyond weird, and hermits who lived in their rooms all day doing homework.  After living in Harwood for almost two years, I have to admit that I could not have been more wrong.  Living in Harwood (THE BEST Honors House at Iowa State) has truly been an awesome experience that has led to lifelong friendships and amazing memories.

Within my first five minutes of moving into Harwood, I had already been invited to the daily dinner at 5:00 pm with the entire floor and had many new friends helping me move in and set up my room.  For a freshman girl who was nervous about being on her own at college, feeling welcome this fast was one of the greatest feelings ever.  And my time at Harwood only improved from there.  It is hard to imagine that I would feel this close to everyone here in such a short period of time.  Harwood is all about forming a small, little family and making sure each resident feels a part of it.  Doors are always open so that friends can get help with homework, talk about stuff that might be bothering them, or just procrastinate from doing homework by talking, watching movies, or playing games.  Harwood is especially good at having spontaneous hallway parties where groups of people gather outside their doors, sit down in the hall and just talk for an hour or two.  When we are feeling active, we also work out together in the traditional “Harwood Abs.”  Most weekends we just hang out as Harwood by cheering at football games, playing Resistance, or, like this past weekend, going to Skyzone (an indoor trampoline park) in Des Moines.  Although we engage in a lot of spontaneous, fun activities, Harwood has a lot of traditions that have been in place for years.  Every year we go swing dancing, take a trip to an Apple Orchard, have a bonfire at Ledges State Park to share stories, participate in Kaleidoquiz, celebrate Christmas with Secret Squirrel, cheer each other on during broomball games, dance it up at Awkward Prom, and finish the year off strong with dinner at B-dubs during the end of finals week.  The sense of community an honors floor (especially Harwood) has to offer is enough of a reason for students to get over their fear of “living with the nerds” and to sign up for Honors Housing.  Living in Harwood has been a life-changing experience filled with fun, friends, and crazy moments.  Let’s just say that I’ll definitely miss Home Sweet Harwood next year.

041513 Coulter picture  “My floor ice at HSB Ice-skating”

– Posted by Alexis

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