The Soothing Weather of Spring

Friday was one of the nicest days at Iowa State this whole semester. After a cold and extended winter, the signs of life on campus were unmistakable. In class, everyone seemed a little bit more anxious than usual to get done and go enjoy the weather. Central campus was buzzing, with people everywhere playing Frisbee, soccer, throwing a baseball, doing homework, or just taking a nap. During these cold, rainy days in April, it is easy to forget just how beautiful Iowa State is on a bright, sunny day. The green grass, sun-tanned bricks on the Campanile, and smiling faces in the sun bring the campus to life.

After finally getting out of class, I immediately headed to central campus to meet up with my friends. We were getting an Ultimate Frisbee game started, and I was extremely pumped to let out some pent up energy and frustration brought on by the stress of the end of the semester. As soon as we started throwing, everyone’s stress brought on by thoughts of unfinished assignments melted away. The feel of the cool green grass on my bare feet and the warm sun on my face eased my worries away. Such a simple, friendly game of Frisbee with great people in the beautiful spring weather is one of the many treasured memories I’ll have of Iowa State.

– Posted by Grant


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