Laundry…and memories?

Every once in awhile I have a week where suddenly my laundry basket is spilling over the sides.  I’m generally a tidy person, so it’s not that I didn’t wash and empty it a week ago, it’s just a week where for whatever reason the basket is busting at the seams full of all of the things I wore that week.  This week was one of those weeks.  While folding I pondered why all the clothes were in the wash.

First, there are the items that I expect each week…

3 pairs of jeans – a weekly staple

1 pair of yoga pants – comfort after class

1 pair of sweatpants – for when yoga pants weren’t lazy enough

4 pairs of shorts/4 tank tops – for Mon-Thurs workouts at the gym

4 t-shirts

16 (so many!) pairs of socks – since it wouldn’t stop raining this week

2 pairs of pajama shorts – because PJs are the best

1 pair of dress pants – for volunteering at the hospital and for Honors Ambassadors

1 nifty red Honors polo! – for Honors Ambassadors

plus towels, pillowcases, underwear and all those other things I wash weekly

But this week a lot stood out to me…

1 jacket covered in horsehair – because I rode in my horse-lover roommate’s car on a late night trip to Taco John’s for potato olès

1 shirt – still smells a little like Mexican food from another roommate making us a fajita dinner

1 nice sweater – for when I dressed for success for my test on Wednesday

1 super supportive sports bra – because I had a blast at SkyZone in Des Moines by jumping with friends on trampolines for 2 hours

1 scarf – because I dripped salsa on it while on a date with my boyfriend

3 dishtowels – because a roomie and I made braided spaghetti bread (delicious!) for dinner and got dough all over the kitchen counter

1 bonus set of workout clothes – from racquetball

1 sweatshirt – usually washed each week, but this week extra special since I wore it when I won Trivial Pursuit against my roommates for the first time ever!

1 hoodie – worn on the Saturday of VEISHEA making it sticky from parade candy, cherry pies, BBQ and funnel cakes

Now that the clothes are folded and put back in their places, I’m ready for another week with just as many memories to fill up the laundry basket as the last.

– Posted by Kelcy


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