Almost a Grown-up

Today I found the apartment of my dreams!  I will be moving to Beloit, WI soon for my dream job and now I have a fabulous place to live!  This apartment is right in the downtown area, located close to like 3 cute coffee shops and has plenty of closet space for my cardigan collection.  Although I am crazy excited about this, I am a little intimidated by the fact that I am becoming a real grown-up.  In just two weeks I will be a college graduate.  How crazy is that?!?  It literally feels like yesterday that I was graduating from high school.  It is weird to think that in less than one month I will be living in a new state, in a new apartment and starting a new job.  Luckily I feel that college has prepared me to feel comfortable meeting new people and going outside of my comfort zone.  When I think of all the good times I have had and the great people I have met here at school, it makes me less nervous and more excited about moving.  With groups such as Honors Student Board, it has been easy for me to have a lot of ways to be active and meet new people at ISU.  Knowing this, I have already begun searching for groups and organizations to join in my new community that can provide similar opportunities.  I am getting super excited about this new adventure.  I will be sad to leave my friends and my campus however I know that I will not be saying goodbye forever.  I already have some reunions planned and definitely intend to come back to campus for football games and maybe VEISHEA.  I know that wherever I move, however far away I may be, I will always be a cyclone!

– Posted by Megan


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