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Hey again! It’s Jake here reporting for a final time before summer. I know my blog post is late in the week, but you know . . . just had a few finals to be taking. There are just a couple things I wanted to mention to you guys before leaving for the summer.

Even though it did snow last week . . . in May . . . the flowers are now blooming on campus and as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, it’s not hard to see why. With such lovely weather and views it can be difficult to concentrate on finishing the year strong academically. Nonetheless it must be done, and I’m going to talk about a few of the local spots on campus that I frequent when I’m in a finals bind.



I have found that, for me, I need a change of scenery from time to time. I’ve never been able to be a productive outdoor studier so all of my favorite places are indoors. So in the spirit of finals week I’ve made a list of the best places to study, according to me.

  1. Library – (The Northern Section of the 2nd Floor) This has been my pride and joy since the beginning of freshman year, my home away from home if you will. Up until the latter part of this semester there was a 70% chance of finding me in this place if I wasn’t in my apartment. This area had pretty much everything you could ever want in a study place: quiet, always a desk available, and minimal foot traffic to stir your attention. But as with most good things, they get old with overuse. And I definitely overused this location.
  2. Jischke – (The Kitchen) These last 4 locations were added to my list all this semester. As I mentioned before, I got tired of the usual 2nd Floor Library. On rare occasions I feel like studying with friends, my honors friends to be specific. The night before tests it became an unsung tradition to text each other and meet in Jischke. There are usually rooms available to use, but on the rare occasion that there’s not, the Kitchenette is always available. It’s a nice quiet place to get away from it all and study in a building with only a few occupants.
  3. Howe Hall – (Any Open Classroom) Being my home building I have found that this place is typically an extremely quiet and secluded place to hammer away at work. If you can find a room, they can be a hot commodity, you are able to spread out as much as you want on the tables. Nobody will bother you here, the only sound to be heard is the AC when it kicks on. I only advise that you not be sitting under a vent when you have an entire room of seats to choose from. I have done this before, you will get quite cold.
  4. Hawthorn – (The Community Center) As a Frederickson Court resident this local is exceptionally close. If you don’t want to concentrate too hard, this may be the place for you. There are usually a good number of people conversing and eating in this community/dining center. It’s a pretty social, friendly environment that would be nice for doing the daily homework, not spectacular for difficult exam prep though. The biggest reason this place made my list was that it is a 30 second walk from my apartment; I think a walking college student can appreciate this minimal commute.
  5. Library – (The Quiet Room) My final favorite place, I found it yesterday and it is now on my list. As seen in various ISU commercials, the Quiet Room is just that. The only audible noise is that of the vacuum cleaner as the janitor walks through and receives stares from every individual in the joint. There is no group work allowed here, no cell phone ringers on, and absolutely no talking. This is the kind of place people flock to for finals. With that being said the room consists of many large tables at which you can sit. Even during finals week I did not have trouble finding a place to sit, so it’s safe to assume that the rest of the year the place is fairly open.


Alright everybody now that you know all of the good places to educate yourself, have a good summer!

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