Finally Summertime! or, “Morgan The Globetrotter”

The last week of school, we don’t have any regular classes at Iowa State. Club and organization meetings are over, and the whole week is dedicated to taking our final tests. The university puts out a schedule for when each class will have its two-hour final test time, so some luck students are done early in the week and get to start summer early.

On Tuesday of Finals Week I said good-bye to my roommate for the summer, and my sorority house slowly emptied after that. For me, I always seem to have tests until Friday, but I actually like it because it gives me a chance to say good-bye to everyone as they leave and a little more time to pack (and for someone with as many shoes and other items as I have, that extra packing time always makes my parents happy).

This summer I will be doing something entirely adventurous. In just two days, I will begin my summer travels to Rome and Uganda. Through a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences study abroad program, I am going to have the opportunity to work on a project for the Food and Agriculture Organization (a United Nations agency), while living and exploring Rome. Five other students and I will be researching the importance of livestock biodiversity for development and the value of indigenous breeds.

After a month living just blocks from the Tiber River and within walking distance of the Trevi Fountain, I will be traveling to Uganda to work in a rural village teaching first aid, interning at the local health center, and learning more about the healthcare system of a developing country.

What amazes me most about this summer is not the amazing opportunities Iowa State, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the faculty here have presented me with, but rather that summer plans like this are not out of the ordinary. One of the best parts of saying good-bye to friends for the summer is I know that when I have a chance to check Facebook, there will be exciting stories of internships, research, and study abroad experiences from all of the Honors students.

I encourage you to keep up with the blog this summer. I won’t be the only one with summer stories to share!


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