“¡Ay Chris!” Part 4

Chris Jacobs embarks on a harrowing journey to get to Spain, where he’s studying abroad this summer.  Follow along to see if/how he makes it there…see part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.


It is now 9 pm.  I purchase my bus ticket from Leon to Oviedo and wait for the bus.  At 9:30 pm the bus arrives, I got on, and we head off in the direction of Oviedo.  There are some truly gorgeous stretches of mountain range between Leon and Oviedo, and even though I hadn’t slept in who knows how many hours, I just couldn’t sleep.  The hour and a half long bus ride passed faster than I could have thought possible (although after a 7 hour plane ride, a 4 hour plane ride, a 3 hour wait for a train and a 5 hour train ride, I was kind of an expert at waiting).  I got off of the bus and looked around; I had made it to Oviedo and it was still Saturday!

Unluckily for me, I had one last curveball that I had to deal with.  I hailed a taxi, asked for “Residencia Ovida” and we took off.  He dropped me off on a shadowy street in front of a random university and took off.  Looking around, I had no idea where to go.  I had no internet access, no phone, just two pastries, two apples, and my two bags.  I made my way to looked like the dorm and walked in.  I asked if this was where the Iowa State students were staying.  Luckily I knew Spanish, because the front desk attendant could not speak any English at all.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  I asked if I could use his computer and luckily a friend in the same program was online at the time.  I double check the name of the residencia.  I told the clerk what it was called and he laughed, the taxi-driver just drove me to the wrong university!  I didn’t think it was very funny, but at least I knew what had happened.  We got another taxi for me, asked once again for Residencia Ovida, and five minutes later I was sitting in my room.

The first thing I did was log onto the computer and Skype my parents.  I was so tired that I really just wanted to see a familiar face.  While I was talking to them, I opened the pastries and discovered that they were some of the most delicious sandwiches I had ever eaten.  Ever.  Ok, maybe it was because at this point I hadn’t eaten in over fourteen hours, but they were still delicious even if that wasn’t the case.  Finally I went to bed.  Two days later, I went to the Chemical Engineering lab and it’s all been one long continuation of my adventure!

 Chris blog 4

I only have four more weeks to the program, and a lot of work to do, so I really should probably get back to it!  Hopefully the rest of my time here will be an adventure, but maybe not quite adventurous as what I’d experienced just getting here!



* * *

Whew!  Now you can breathe easier and go about your business knowing Chris has successfully made it to Oviedo and has started his summer program.  Check back later this summer for updates from the Iberian Peninsula!


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