Honors Summer Adventures: Going Back in Time to Freshman Orientation

The Top 5 Things I Learned at Freshman Orientation: A Senior’s Tale by Grace Warren

 DSC05570Grace at the 2012 FHP retreat

Senior year of college. I know what you’re thinking: I’m ecstatic, right? I’m overjoyed that in only one year I will be out of this one horse town and moving on to bigger and better things in the real world. Well you’re wrong! I am terrified. It is finally starting to sink in that pretty soon I actually have to be a grown up, and frankly I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my life! Instead of embracing the inevitable and trying to be mature, I have chosen to cling to the child within me and attempt to carry on the life of my formative years. Mostly I have been spending my time watching episodes of Zoboomafoo and Arthur and pretending the real world doesn’t exist. Recently, however, I have gone about it in a different way. My younger brother, Ian, will be a freshman at ISU in the fall, so I decided to live vicariously through him by attending his freshman orientation. As we walked around campus attending various seminars and mingling with the crowds of new students (there are youths everywhere!), I learned some things:

  1. Apparently there is some class that all open option students have to take their first semester? I had no idea that was a thing.
  2. We really do have a beautiful campus. I don’t mean to get all sentimental here, but I think I’ve just been around ISU so long that I’ve been taking it for granted. We are really lucky to have lots of open green space on central campus as well as tons of flowers everywhere and some really gorgeous buildings.
  3. Deepak’s favorite animals are cougars.
  4. I still have no idea how Library 160 works. I tried to explain it to my brother, but I failed miserably. I know it’s supposed to be a simple system, but I’m pretty sure it has changed every year since I’ve been here. First it was a half credit, but now it’s one credit; it used to be a part of honors 121, but now it’s not, I think? [Editor’s note: yes it is] Do the students still have to go to the library for it a couple of times or is it totally online? And is it still shorter for honors students or is it the same length for everyone?  See what I mean? I have no idea what the deal is with that class. [Editor’s note #2: Don’t worry first-years, the mysterious qualities of Library 160 are a part of its charm.  We’ll tell you all about it this fall]
  5. Apparently a lot of freshmen are going to fail their first exams. Don’t walk on the zodiac, kids!

So it turns out you do learn something new every day! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer! If you want to find me, I’ll be at home watching The Magic School Bus.


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