Honors Summer Adventures: Choosing a Minor, Honors-style

Hey, it’s Emily, and unlike all the other honors students—or so it seems—I am not traveling abroad this summer (but hopefully next summer). Instead, I am enjoying my summer at home in Minnesota with my family and brushing up on my customer service skills by working at the same retail store I’ve worked at the past three summers.

Since summer is almost halfway over (NOOOO!!!), I have started to think about next semester’s classes and all that I have planned. I will be getting deeper into my journalism classes and even starting a minor.

Because I am a journalism student, I am required to declare a minor on top of my major. This really stressed me out my freshman year, because I had a hard enough time choosing a major and now was stuck trying to choose a minor.

As an honors student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I am required to take two honors courses and two honors seminars throughout my four years at Iowa State.

During the spring of my freshman year I was looking through all the honors seminars offered during the fall and one that stood out the most to me focused on children’s literature. I have always enjoyed working with kids and learning about child development so I only thought a course about children’s books would be great, and it so was! I loved every minute of the one-credit, half-semester seminar. It was at the end of my day and was a relaxing break from the rest of my hectic schedule.

Since I loved the seminar so much I decided to contract a children’s literature course taught at Iowa State into an honors course for the following spring semester. This was so easy to do, too. I sat down with the professor right before Christmas break, and we decided I would research specific topics related to children’s literature and create a mini magazine. This way, I was able to incorporate both my love of magazine journalism and my love of children’s literature into one project.

Halfway through the semester I had an ah-ha moment. I realized I could turn my passion for children into a Child, Adult and Family Studies minor.

All thanks to honors, I now know I want to write for a parenting magazine—preferably in New York City—when I graduate from ISU in two years. I am getting excited for this next semester to begin but still cherishing every moment of this summer. Here’s a quick pic of something cool I’ve done within the past couple of weeks. Cue the Full House theme song everybody:

Elveru pic


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