Honors Summer Adventures: Chris’s Spanish Wanderings

Blog post by Chris Jacobs

Hello again from Spain!  My program in Oviedo is officially done as of a couple of days ago, so I now get to explore Spain!  Huzzah!

So the first thing you should know is that last Wednesday, I had tickets to see Bruce Springsteen live in Gijón (which is just 30 minutes north of Oviedo by bus).  It was going to be the best thing ever, it was going to be on the beach at night and, agh.  The only problem was that the weather in Asturias (the region) is so completely unpredictable.  Last minute the concert got rained out.  I think the concert was rescheduled, but I knew I wasn’t going to be in the same region at the time, so whatever.  Chock it up to bad luck.

Anyways, the program ended on Saturday.  That meant that as of noon on Saturday I had to be out of there (otherwise I had to pay for another night at the Residencia we were staying at, and trust me it wasn’t that good.)  Most of my friends for the program decided to travel together to Barcelona. I decided to go off on my own for two weeks of Spain exploring.  The stops in order are Segovia, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Sevilla, Barcelona and finally Paris.

Jacobs July 1

My first night in Segovia, I got super lucky.  My hotel opened up right onto the aqueduct plaza, which was absolutely amazing.  I then learned that there was going to be some sort of concert in front of the aqueduct that night.  Thinking to myself that, what the heck it’s a free concert, when 8 pm rolled around I got a table at a restaurant patio overlooking the stage.  I then learned that I had arrived in Segovia on the final night of the Fiesta de San Pedro, which was an all week party celebrating all that is Spain.  The final night was Segovia night, which meant local music and dance.  I thought to myself, this should be interesting, and I turned back to my sandwich.  The music started and it was good.  Singing, guitar, flute-like-things, beating, drums, piano, the whole shebang.  Then I looked up and this was what I saw.  The whole place was packed!  It was amazing!

Following the three hours of local music, it was time to travel with the huge crowd to a different part of the city where the fireworks were going to go off.  I was so happy for these fireworks.  I’m going to miss the 4th of July in the United States, which I’m actually really sad about.  As the fireworks in Segovia were going off I whispered the American national anthem to myself and saluted in my mind.  Afterwards I resigned myself to simply enjoying the fireworks.  I even tried to take some pictures.  Heck, what am I talking about? Some as in a lot of pictures.  Not very many pictures turned out very good, but luckily I got this one!

Jacobs July 2

Following the fireworks was a Spanish pop concert.  I don’t know much about Spanish pop as a genre, but I enjoyed the music anyways.  I only remembered two words from the whole concert (Te veo) which means I see you.  Later that night I got on the computer and typed it into YouTube (the new iTunes).  Luckily I found the group!  Apparently the group is named after the lead singer, because the band name is Evelynn.  Also, I got lucky because the song title was Te Veo.  The concert was amazing, it was right in front of the Segovia Cathedral, ay qué bonita.

Jacobs July 3

The next day I arrived in Madrid.  There at the park I listened to a concert that I wasn’t really expecting.  A street performer had a puppet frog and a small working piano.  He was moving the frog to play the piano, or so it looked like.  I’m sure in the end it was some sort of speaker in the piano with him just moving the frog all interesting like, but the kids really seemed to love it!  Just describing it wouldn’t do it any justice, so below is a minute long video of a song he was playing with his pet frog.  I think it’s a fairly well known tune that most people recognize:


Anyways, that’s all I’ve been up to really!  Just a lot more sight seeing!  I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks once I’m back in the States again with my final blog of the summer!  Until then, stay cool and peace out!

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