Honors Summer Adventures: Elizabeth + Camp

Hello, everybody! This is Elizabeth again. I hope that your summer has been as action-packed as mine so far; this has been a summer full of first time experiences! This spring I accidentally interviewed for and received a job as secretary at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in Clear Lake. Although it wasn’t my plan, I am so thankful that God has brought me here! Every day is filled with activity from 6:00am til 10:45pm, but it is a very rewarding job.  I took some time to share a few of my new experiences and would like to encourage you to attempt something for the first time before the end of the summer (please make sure that it’s legal; the Honors Program takes no liability for your crazy feats)!

1)      Sending on the Zipline: One of the first jobs I was trained to do is sending people down the zipline. IRBC’s zipline starts at a height of 60 feet, making it very important that we fully understand the harnessing process. As extra incentive to learn quickly, the first person I was required to send down was myself! One of the best parts of this job is being able to encourage a camper who was terrified of heights to take the final step off the platform. Once they are off, the zipline becomes their favorite activity (kind of like joining the Honors Program).

Veldboom 260 feet up, no big deal

2)      Grilling: Although I work in the office and have never ever grilled before, it was decided that I was a great candidate to grill for our weekly picnics. Given my previous failures with any sorts of meat (including bacon), I did not feel very confident. However, grilling bratwurst turns out to be one of my secret talents, and I can turn out 200 beautifully cooked bratwurst with very few casualties (only 3 were inedible).

3)      Water Skiing: After living on a lake this summer, I don’t believe that summer should be spent any other way. I have been able to enjoy tubing, jet skiing, swimming, and kayaking on a regular basis. As of this morning, I can now add water skiing to the list. Although water skiing is the same concept as snow skiing, possessing mad skills in Colorado does NOT translate to being an expert water skier. I had my confidence taken down a few notches but I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

 Veldboom skiNever mind the iffy photo quality…water skiing!

That’s just a brief glimpse of my summer. I have been extremely challenged physically, mentally and spiritually, and I would love to share more with you if you are interested. Now, I want you to find something that you can try for the first time before the end of the summer. Start small or dream big, but find something that will stretch you out of your comfort zone! This will make your summer all the more epic and give you a stronger mentality as we head in for another school year (eek!).

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